Kids Outdoor Play Header
In amongst 20 acres, we’ve got plenty of space including kids’ outdoor play and adventure areas for you to explore. 


How high can you bounce? Our big trampolines can even be enjoyed by big kids (like Dad).

Outdoor Activity & Adventure Playgrounds

Climbing frames, ladders, ropes, nets and swings. Conquer all the challenges in our outdoor adventure playground.


Again! Again! Four massive slides and a scary helter skelter.

Kids and adults alike enjoy unlimited slides all day, every day.


Dig it, build it, pile it up and knock it down. Then start over. Kids just love sandpits. Why? Maybe it encourages their imagination and their creative thinking. We’ve got sandpits along with spades, buckets and diggers so you can make the most of it.

Plus Over 2 Acres of Indoor Play

Clouds looming? Don’t worry. There are plenty of kids’ indoor play areas too -
2 whole acres under cover just waiting to be explored.

Now explore the rest of
the park…